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6 Things Every Nonprofit Blog Post Should Contain


You'll find that the design and development of different types of websites is actually quite similar.

However, there are some tips meant specifically for website development and blogging for nonprofits. This is because as a nonprofit website you depend on telling your story and leveraging it so your visitors connect with you. The key here is gaining their support.

With this information in mind, here are some things you must do specifically for your nonprofit blog:

  • Share personal stories, discuss issues, and share success stories so you connect with your readers on an emotional level. Use video when possible as it works best, but if you can't use video, make sure your written text includes plenty of engaging pictures.

  • Interconnect your donor's actions with your organization's numbers to show how your organization is directly impacted by such donations. You can also do something similar to this at the end of a fundraiser. This shows the overall impact of the fundraiser's success and is key in receiving continued support.

  • Thank your volunteers for their efforts. Regardless how they've spent time helping your organization, highlight their efforts in a blog post. By placing the spotlight on their efforts you're not only thanking them, you're making them happy because of the recognition you've given them. Typically, they'll share this post with their family and friends, even on social media. This brings you even more awareness (and blog traffic).

If you need help accomplishing these things for your nonprofit website, contact us. We're happy to help!


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