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How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Nonprofit Reach Millennials

The Pew Research Center reports that Millennials have officially surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest living generation. Additionally, now that the economy is picking back up, Forbes reports that in 2017, Millennials will have more than $200 billion of precious capital to spend - money that your nonprofit can tap into through thoughtful social media marketing

Millennials are usually framed as self-absorbed, but the truth is, they want to give to the causes they value, they just might not give in the way their parents did. They are eager to participate in meaningful, unique activities, as the famous Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014 proved. But even if your nonprofit doesn't manage to hit the jackpot of social media engagement which leads to $100 million in donations within 30 days and breakthrough in treating a major disease, there are still plenty of ways for your nonprofit to use social media marketing to reach these young givers.

Define Your Cause. According to Nonprofit Hub, Millennials are interested in, and therefore give their time and money to causes rather than organizations. By crafting an ongoing narrative through various social media forums of your organisation's cause, you can buy engagement from the 20-30 year old crowd.

Millennials want to feel they have personal investment and relationship with what they spend their money on, and by consistently and creatively sharing the issue and success stories of your nonprofit, you'll win their trust, "likes" and shares.

Don't Drown their Inboxes. 501c3 Marketers surveyed Millennial givers and report that "72 percent of respondents said they are frustrated with the high volume of emails they receive from nonprofits they support."

Instead of sending a weekly email, you can focus on telling the story of your cause by sharing video, photos and narrative across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. These are places your Millennial donors are already spending time, and where they receive and share much of their information. 

With some creativity and a marketing plan, your nonprofit can use social media to your advantage in reaching the hard to crack donation base of Millennials in your community. For help crafting your social media marketing plan, contact us today.

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