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Increase the Reach of Your Inbound Marketing with Repurposed Content

Posting valuable content to your blog is a powerful inbound marketing technique for attracting visitors to your nonprofit website. However, the benefits gained from that single piece of content need not be limited to the traffic drawn to the post. You can increase the reach of the content by repurposing it or parts of it into other formats and publishing to other distribution channels. This requires effort as well, and you may not want to repurpose all of your blog posts. Minor posts and posts dealing with time sensitive topics aren't necessarily worth the effort. Generally, you should target popular posts that tend to be evergreen. Posts that are a hit with your visitors should prove popular elsewhere.

Here are four repurposing suggestions for your blog content:

Convert the Post into a Podcast

This is one of the easiest ways of repurposing a good blog post. The only requirement is a computer or smart phone. Computers will do this without the need for downloading software while your smart phone may require an app download that records your speech into an audio file.

There are a number of audio editing software available, including the free download Audacity, for touching up your recording. When finished, you can submit it to the best podcast distribution sites. In addition, you might include the podcast on your website as an alternative for people who prefer audio over text content.

Convert the Content into Video

This works well for "how to" blog posts that require the reader to do a lot of visualizing. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the content so that you can smoothly cover it in your video. If you're your own worst critic, ask some friends for useful suggestions on improving your performance. As with audio, there are lots of free video editing software for polishing up your recording. When finished, submit it to your YouTube channel.

Combine Your Blog Posts into a Lead Magnet

Look through your posts that revolve around a common theme or topic and reorganize and combine them into a single e-book. Use the e-book as an inducement to get new subscribers to your email list or newsletter.

Submit Content Bits to Social Media

Republish interesting facts, statistics, or memorable quotes to social media platforms. Interesting facts and statistics from your blog posts make perfect tweets. You can either submit the content as text or place it on a suitable image. Inspirational quotes work well when combined with suitably inspirational images. Submit these to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

Content repurposing is just one of many techniques for increasing online awareness of your nonprofit website. To learn about other inbound marketing best practices or our services, don't hesitate to contact us.

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