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Tips for Reducing Your Technology Budgeting


Nonprofits work on a tight budget each year to successfully serve their constituents. However, they also must stay current and relevant and effectively reach their target audience to maintain a solid donor base. Technology budgeting for nonprofits is an integral aspect of every budget if organizations want to keep up with resources and continue to grow.

Here are some tips for reducing your technology budget:

  • Research your options - always research multiple options for purchasing new technology. Never settle for the first or most-well known option. Purchase generic when possible, rather than name brands.
  • Ask for a discount - many major supplies of technology offer discounts for nonprofits. Ask about a discount and feel free to haggle for a bigger discount based on your constituents.
  • Utilize volunteers - have a volunteer who is an IT professional or is a web designer professionally? Ask them to donate their services to your organization. They can write off their time as donations on their taxes.
  • Ask for donations - your supporters may just have the camera or the computer that you've been wanting. Ask your supporters to donate tech that they may not be using. They can write off the donation on their taxes as well.

The money that you will save by following these small tips can immediately turn into something productive - hiring a contractor to help with a special project, investing in existing staff members, or starting a new outreach. Nonprofits always have something to do with extra money in the budget!

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