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Website Development and Blogging for Nonprofits as Tools for Social Change


Your nonprofit wants to make a change in the world, or at least in the community. Website development and blogging for nonprofits are interrelated tasks that can cause problems, or can raise your organization's profile and increase your credibility. 

Web site design is deceptively simple. If you need a new site, or a revamped online look, it can be tempting to create something in-house. The availability of free Web design tools like Weebly makes it look easy, which is true for the tech savvy and creative. Everyone else should look for a Web developer who has extensive experience working with nonprofits. There's no need for original research either, as Wired Impact has published a guide for finding a Web developer.  

Wired Impact also has a great, and short, guide to the benefits of blogging. You don't need a blog, but the advantages of having one more than make up for the time to set up a blog site and write a couple of posts a week. A blog:

  • Reminds your visitors that your nonprofit is active and effective
  • Publishes shareable content
  • Helps to establish your expertise
  • Provides a platform for telling the organization's story
  • Helps you connect with others who care about the cause

Make the blog part of the website, as opposed to having a separate WordPress account, for example. The blog page should be easy to create, especially if a web developer does the setup.  

If you would like help with expanding or improving your nonprofit's online presence, contact us to learn more about our services. 

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