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4 Steps To Community Health Center Marketing Success



Community Health Centers were created to provide healthcare to those who are unable to access health services through conventional means. Whether it is due to location, income, or a lack of medical aid, millions of Americans do not have healthcare. This is where Community Health Centers step in. One of the main focuses of these organizations is marketing themselves so that they are well known and can help as many people in need as possible. Four major steps on how to successfully market these organizations are listed below. 

1. Identify Influencers 

By building relationships with people in the media, Community Health Centers are able to get a powerful amount of press coverage regarding their services and impact.  These important contacts include health reporters, editors, radio stations, and newspapers. Getting the right attention through the media is how more people become aware of your CHC. 

  • Create content that will resonate with the media through your blog and social media.
  • Identify influencers on social media and create trending hashtag lists for your CHC that align with your community, events, region and offerings.
  • Reach out and engage with the media with links back to your blog that showcase your event, offerings, or call to actions that you want them to share.
  • They may do so by sharing your social post, or using your blog as a primer for an article, or to contact your directly. 
  • Thus, do not forget to include a contact form as well as social sharing buttons for them to spread the word. 

2. Social Media is Key

  • What better way to get people aware of your cause?
  • By creating social media channels for your organization, you are able to constantly send out new information that keeps your audience aware of your events, fundraisers, and volunteers.
  • Successful marketing is done through media channels such as blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.

3. Announcing your Events

  • Get people excited about your events! The bigger of a deal that you make your event, the bigger of a deal it seems to your audience.
  • When you are releasing information on a new event, make sure to put it in the press and answer the basics- What is the purpose of your event? Where is your event held? What time? Who is the event held for? People of all ages or a selected group?
  • People are more likely to attend your event if your advertisements have pictures of the event- pictures allow your audience to know what to expect if they plan on attending.

4. Focus on "Coordinated" Events

  • These events include fundraisers such as tournaments, walkathons, marathons, contests, and donations.
  • By creating these big events, more people become aware of your organization and the strong message behind it.
  • Events not only benefit your cause, but are great PR for your organization.

Building a successful organization includes getting your cause and the message behind it known to as many people as possible. People enjoy doings things for a good cause and creating big events allow them to do it. Marketing your company must be constant and consistent in order to get the huge audience that you are looking for. Remember, the media is your best friend when it comes to getting yourself known. Good Luck!


Joe DiGiovanni

Written by Joe DiGiovanni

Joe DiGiovanni, a purpose-driven entrepreneur with a background in behavioral science and marketing technology, co-founded Tapp Network, driving digital transformation for government agencies, Fortune 100 brands, and communities seeking to scale social impact through innovation.