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Joe DiGiovanni

Joe DiGiovanni
Joe has a passion for supporting brands and non-profits through content marketing, mobile, and technology, having held roles with LLuminari / Oprah Network, WPP, Epocrates, Lycos, and Roche.
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4 Steps To Community Health Center Marketing Success

Community Health Centers were created to provide health care to those who are too unfortunate to access it. Whether it is due to where they live, low income, or a lack of medical aid, millions of Americans do not have health care. This is where Community Health Centers step in.  One of the main focuses of these organizations is marketing themselves so that they are well known and can help as many people in need as possible. Four major steps on how to successfully market these organizations are listed below. 

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Tapp Nonprofit Social Summit 2017 - Press Release


The Nonprofit Social Summit 2017 is coming to Wilmington, Delaware! — To empower nonprofits with the latest advancements in digital marketing & technology.

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5 Secrets of B2B Email Rainmakers

Most people consider email marketing outdated and ineffective. Those theories are false considering email marketing can be very effective when executed correctly. With a solid content marketing method, businesses are able to get their audience to click on their emails and engage in their service. The following will explain how to increase your B2B email open and click-thru rates to elevate your rainmaking efforts.

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Why Social Media is Crucial to Successful Inbound Marketing

Social media plays a huge role in Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing uses social media as one of it's main techniques to reel buyers in, so that marketers do not have to go out of their way to grab an audience's attention. Although it is already known that social media helps promote businesses, this article will delineate even more reasons businesses should be using it as part of their marketing tactics. 

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Time to Reconsider Merging Inbound Marketing with Public Relations

Inbound Marketing has been discovered as an efficient form of achieving online business through marketing. Inbound marketing has made buying and selling easier by elimating traditional marketing such as cold calling, TV commercials, and print advertisements. Today it is all about SEO, blogging, and attraction. Although PR people are primarily concerned with company reputation and brand development, they still focus a huge majority of their work and time on selling and selling efficiently. The selling aspect of PR falls right into the hands of Inbound Marketing. Here are four main ways to rethink  the tie between Inbound Marketing and Public Relations...

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Next-Gen Social Analytics Every InBound Marketer Should Know

It wasn't so long ago that social media analytics meant looking at one-off engagements—fans, followers, likes—and using this info to make major campaign decisions. That was the first generation of social marketing.

Considering only 6 percent of marketers consider themselves experts in the field of social analytics it is certainly time to invest more resources into the field. Next generation social tracking tools help marketers see who is engaging with their brand what those people are engaging with, and why they are engaging.


The tools also assist in refining the perfect content marketing message that will garner the greatest engagement from the brand's persona.  Here is a summary. 

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4 Full Funnel Slack Strategies for Inbound Marketing

Many highly successful inbound marketing campaigns involve groups. Many individuals and companies have their own Linked-In, Facebook, or Google Plus groups, while others stick to participating in relevant blog related posts or Twitter threads. Whichever strategy your company takes, considering Slack as a key element of your inbound group engagement can prove to be a very effective way to find prospects, listen, build community, engage existing clients members and prospective customers, build your thought leadership, add value to your group members, and keep track of your sector.

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Top Untapped Nonprofit Marketing Strategies for 2016

In retrospect, many nonprofit marketers were left colorblind by all the marketing opportunities in 2015.   As we begin anew in 2016, let's review some of the most innovative and untapped opportunities that board directors and NPO executives should keep on their radar. 


“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”
― John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice 


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The 2016 B2B Online Lead-Gen Rules and Resolutions

Goodbye, 2015!  Once the Egg Nog Fog Clears.   And you think back on 2015, there were many aspects of your marketing strategy that were baby steps and learnings for many B2Bs and NPOs. What did you learn? For starters, In-Bound Marketing proved to be a big winner for B2B lead generation.  Mobile Responsive Design was a must have for Nonprofits.  And Social Media proved to generate a positive ROI in the right channels when aimed at the right audiences. You also learned what content stuck and shrunk your engagement.  It was a year of tremendous  experimentation in 2015.  Now 2016 is gearing up to be the year that all the 2015 A/B testing is poised to pay off.

While you are considering your major power moves, we wanted to share a list of some top resolutions and rules to follow for any B2B or Nonprofit wanting to make 2016 "the year of lead generation" for your company or nonprofit.   

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Nonprofit Social Media Predictions 2016

2016 is gearing up to be the tiping point for nonprofits seeking to generate a positive ROI from their social media efforts.  The bygone era where social platforms were disparate and misinformed board members insisted that social marketing was not a viable marketing strategy for 501Cs is now an exception to the rule. , We’re now witnesses to an era with rock-solid social automation platforms, upgrades, and functionality that will enable NPO’s to accelerate their marketshare and growth in the coming year.

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