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In 5 simple steps, competitors can kill your engagement strategy.


"Engagement is simply an excuse for an unwillingness to sit down and identify why a site exists." -Avinash Kaushik, Google's digital marketing evangelist

Creating engaging content is a nice-to-have, first-step goal, but engagement alone isn’t going to move your brand forward in what is now a sea of content. Engagement is a goal; it shouldn’t be the goal. Engagement simply means people noticed your content and interacted with it in some, typically small, way.

In five simple steps, competitors can kill your engagement strategy:

  1. Visit your website and see which content is doing well: See the Facebook, Twitter ands Google Plus number, and that gets them to thinking...
  2. They go to Google, do a site search and see what your top-performing content is. Then they tell their copywriting staff to take this idea and expound upon it — more details, richer graphics, etc.
  3. Then they use a tool such as Open Site Explorer to view your site's backlinks to see where they are coming from and what content is getting the most links.
  4. They’ll reach out to those same brands and say, “We see you’re linking to this content. We created a similar post that has even more details." They’re likely to add the competitor's link, but they’re just as likely to unlink to your content.
  5. Your stellar content piece is likely to take a tumble in the SERPs (search engine results page) and your site will miss out on traffic.


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