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Content Curation Tools to Save Time and Money

 Content curation


When you are just starting with your marketing and have not gotten very far with your content creation – content curation for your website and social media accounts is one of your most important, and one of your most time-consuming tasks. 

To be successful with your digital marketing efforts you need to provide value, and for the most part, this value comes in the form of shared content. While your own content should always be at the center of your marketing efforts, you can provide more value when you add great content from thought leaders in your area of expertise. 

Here are 5 tools that can make your content curation a lot more efficient – and effective.

1. Newsletter/RSS Feeds

Oftentimes simple email newsletter subscriptions provide a great way to stay up to date and always be informed on great new content.

If you are looking for content to share on your social media accounts, subscribing to your favorite blogs from your niche is a great and simple way, to sit back and wait for the content to come to you.

2. Feedly

If you are not a friend of getting more and more emails and newsletters, Feedly may be the solution for you. You can subscribe to blogs on Feedly, sort your sources into different categories.

If you want to know what is new from your favorite blogs, you can then simply visit Feedly and see all new posts at one glance. Feedly is accessible from various platforms so that you can visit it from mobile, your tablet or desktop whenever you have a few minutes to spare.

Feedly also allows you to share the content directly to social networks.

3. Twitter lists

Twitter lists are an easy-to-use Twitter feature to sort the tweets and updates into topics categories and stay on top of the endless stream of content coming in – especially if you follow more than a handful of people on Twitter.

Simply create one list for each of the topics you follow and add the people or accounts (influencers, bloggers, Twitter accounts of magazines, etc.) to the right list. Now you can set up list feeds in Tweetdeck – or visit the list feed directly on Twitter.

If you added Twitter accounts that provide a ton of value to your Twitter lists, the list feeds would turn into an endless stream of topic related updates and tweets.

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4. Dlvr.it

We are not fans of over-automating social media activity, social media should be personal and in the moment. Still, if you have a couple of sources that you trust that they ALWAYS publish great content and you want to automatically add new posts from these sources to your content curation: Dlvr.it may just be the tool for you.

Here is how to use Dlvr.it:

  • Select your trusted sources – blogs or magazines
  • Identify their RSS feed within Dlvr.it
  • Connect your social account(s) – for instance, Twitter
  • Add a @mention to the Tweet you share – this way the blogger will know you shared their content and appreciate it.
  • Share it to your social accounts

You can also use Dlvr.it to get more content suggestions for your selected topics.

5. ContentGems

ContentGems has a database of content sources or you can add your own via RSS feeds. You can use keywords, social signals or other filters to get content suggestions. These content suggestions come in a dynamic stream for you to see, evaluate and choose from.

You can share the content directly to your social networks. In addition, ContentGems integrates sharing tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, allowing you to easily schedule posts for the future. 

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