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Content Curation Tools to Save Time and Money



When you are just starting with your marketing and have not gotten very far with your content creation – content curation for your website and social media accounts is one of your most important, and one of your most time-consuming tasks. 

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5 Key Components To A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Most successful marketing campaigns don’t just happen by accident. They require time, attention, and most importantly – planning. Unfortunately, many business owners take a more haphazard approach, piecing together various strategies, then hoping for the best.

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Why Interactive Content Is the Future of Content Marketing

Interactive content is the future of digital marketing. It keeps people on your site for longer and boosts the chance your content will go viral.

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Have Your B2B Sell Like Amazon: 7 Automated, & Personalized Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing automation can help you nurture leads, increase your conversions, and grow your revenues… without spending more on advertising.

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10 Growth Hacking Formulas To Get Your Content Read

In this post, I’m going to share with you the 10 most powerful headlines formulas that when you apply each one correctly into your next blog post or any copy – either offline or online – your audience response rate will no doubt double or even triple.


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5 Ways for Accounting Firms to Attract New Nonprofit Clients

Nonprofits account for around 11.4 million jobs, or 10% of all private sector employment. In 2013, public charities reported over $1.74 trillion in total revenues. That’s over a trillion dollars worth of potential accounting work for 501(c)’s. With such a prominent presence, nonprofits are an extremely important sector to target for accounting firms. With the end goal in mind for nonprofits, most are in significant need when it comes to managing their finances, donations, tax forms and much more. So how does your accounting firm attract nonprofit clients?

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Why Small Businesses Should Focus on Scaling Their Content Marketing

Having a small online marketing team doesn’t mean your company can’t scale content marketing initiatives. It means you must know what the best strategies are and have your team focus on a few they can do well. The following strategies work well for small businesses and nonprofits:

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5 Landing Page Tips to Double your Leads

Landing Pages are your virtual digital sales representatives because they convert your visitors into leads. This is crucial to all businesses because landing pages lie at the center of all successful marketing campaigns. If your landing page is not CRO optimized, you are losing valuable customers. This blog will give you the ins and outs to creating the perfect landing page that will double your leads. 

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How to Use Google Analytics to Help Shape Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re not familiar with Google Analytics, it can be intimidating at first. With so much data available to dig through, it’s hard to know where to look to find the most important metrics. 

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Everything the tech world says about marketing is wrong

Don't fall victim to buzzwords "Inbound & Content Marketing"

The use of these and other buzzwords has caused a new generation of marketers to enter the field without knowing even the basic terms and practices that underpin our industry. The result is that too many tech marketers are basing their work on faulty premises, hurting our profession and flooding the Internet with spammy "content."  

How tech marketers should respond

  • Get back to the basics: Learn about direct marketing, advertising, & publicity strategies.
  • Do not separate traditional and online marketing teams. The more that human activity moves online, the more that traditional and digital marketing will become just “marketing.”
  • Explore alternatives to direct marketing.  Technical people are very good at marketing analytics and algorithms, but they are not always very creative.
  • Remain skeptical at all times. Whenever marketers claim that “everything has changed” or that something is “dead” or that some new buzzword “is the future of marketing,” ask for evidence. 

At Tapp we focus on results rather than short-term fads & buzzwords. If you are ready to take your businesses to the next level we would be happy to offer a free assessment. 

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