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TechSoup and Tapp Network join forces to support nonprofits worldwide seeking to pandemic proof their digital communications

Tapp Network and tech soup marketing alliance

The COVID-19 Pandemic is devastating the nonprofit sector that depends on holding large conferences and in-person fundraising events to fiscally fulfill their mission. Those that provide services to populations who are most at risk of acquiring the virus may be facing unique challenges in serving their communities one-on-one. Now more than ever nonprofits and government agencies need to embrace social media marketing, online learning, mobile fundraising, and virtual events to survive this pandemic and emerge better prepared for the future.

TechSoup, a globally-trusted and powerful resource to 700,000 nonprofits worldwide in over 200 countries has tapped Tapp Network, a full-service digital marketing and technology firm based in Wilmington, DE, to provide educational webinars, editorial, and services to support of nonprofits seeking best practices and best in breed technology to modernize their virtual and digital communications effectively during this time of crisis and beyond.

“TechSoup is the global leader in technology services for nonprofits, serving over 80% of nonprofits worldwide and We are honored to be a strategic content and service provider for TechSoup and excited to have over 2,200 nonprofit organizations worldwide pre-register for our Webinar and provide them the support they need.“
- Joe DiGiovanni, Co-Founder Tapp Networks. 

Free Webinar:  "How to bring your in-person and live events online!"


  • Joe DiGiovanni, Co-Founder, Tapp Network
  • Kyle Barkins, Co-Founder, Tapp Network
  • Witt Godden, Director of Strategic Marketing, Tapp Network

When: April 9th @ 2:00PM EDT


Key Webinar Takeaways:

  • Integrating a virtual communications strategy into your marketing mix
  • What technology you’ll need to execute successful events and  fundraisers
  • How to maximize your virtual event's ROI through social and digital media  

In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, digital communication is more important than ever, and we're here to help! Nonprofits can now take our Nonprofit Digital Marketing Assessment to see how they stack up! 

Get Your Digital Marketing Assessment

If you’re in need of elevating your digital marketing efforts as the social landscape changes, you can check out the Digital Marketing Services that Tapp and TechSoup are offering to nonprofits worldwide. 

Joe DiGiovanni

Written by Joe DiGiovanni

Joe DiGiovanni, a purpose-driven entrepreneur with a background in behavioral science and marketing technology, co-founded Tapp Network, driving digital transformation for government agencies, Fortune 100 brands, and communities seeking to scale social impact through innovation.