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Time to Reconsider Merging Inbound Marketing with Public Relations


Inbound Marketing has been discovered as an efficient form of achieving online business through marketing. Inbound marketing has made buying and selling easier by elimating traditional marketing such as cold calling, TV commercials, and print advertisements. Today it is all about SEO, blogging, and attraction. Although PR people are primarily concerned with company reputation and brand development, they still focus a huge majority of their work and time on selling and selling efficiently. The selling aspect of PR falls right into the hands of Inbound Marketing. Here are four main ways to rethink  the tie between Inbound Marketing and Public Relations...


1. The Content Inbound Connection

  • PR people consider using different angles to create intriguing stories the key in being successful at their job
  • This technique appears very smiliar to Inbound Marketing's 'content creation' such as Hubspot
  • Content creation is considered the addition of information to the media directed towards an audience
  • Both Public Relations and Inbound Marketing heavily depend on the substantial amount of content they obtain

2. Campaign Integration

  • Optimized content is at the heart of every prosperous Inbound Marketing campaign
  • Finding the right content for your campaign is key and PR people are the perfect ones for the job
  • PR people appear most qualified for the job because they are already creating the content for your PR campaigns
  • The PR community is proficient in content development and Inbound marketing relies on thoughtful structure of qualified campaigns- this serves as the perfect time for these two to work together

3. The Best of Both Worlds

  • Whether you excel in Public Relations or you excel in Inbound Marketing, it is crucial to obtain skills for both
  • PR shifted to content marketing, which is a main fundametal of inbound marketing
  • The job of intermediary publishers was no longer needed because PR people could post their own articles
  • This led to PR people becoming not only content marketers, but also publishers
  • By being highly educated on both PR and Inbound Marketing, someone can choose the best approach on how they want to publish their content- whether it is publishing it on their own or influencing someone else to post their content


4. Inbound Data for PR Success

  • There is no way of exactly measuring PR 's effect on a company, but Inbound marketing has made it possible to see the sites traffic developed solely from PR coverage
  • This method of viewing the sites traffic allows for the company to have a firm assemblage of reports to be collected
  • Businesses should realize that analyzing site traffic, SEO, and social following rates confirm the benefits of a unified PR and Inbound Marketing campaign 

In order to deliver a successful campaign with strong, appropriate content it is crucial to combine Inbound Marketing and Public Relations. The two tie together perfectly when used together throughout the marketing funnel. 

- Cayla DiGiovanni




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