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Tapp Social Recap: Accounting Changes, Fraud, Tax Reform and How it Impacts Your Nonprofit

In case you missed it: The July edition of our Tapp Social Series, Change Happens in the Nonprofit Accounting World, focused on shifts in the accounting standards for nonprofit organizations.

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5 Ways for Accounting Firms to Attract New Nonprofit Clients

Nonprofits account for around 11.4 million jobs, or 10% of all private sector employment. In 2013, public charities reported over $1.74 trillion in total revenues. That’s over a trillion dollars worth of potential accounting work for 501(c)’s. With such a prominent presence, nonprofits are an extremely important sector to target for accounting firms. With the end goal in mind for nonprofits, most are in significant need when it comes to managing their finances, donations, tax forms and much more. So how does your accounting firm attract nonprofit clients?

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