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Find Your Voice in Writing on Your Nonprofit Blog

 Your voice is what makes your writing your own. It’s a distinct personality that is present in your writing, indicating to others that you, and not Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, or Stephen King, wrote a blog post. The words you choose and the manner in which you arrange them makes up your voice in writing.

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How to Find New Content Ideas for Your Blog and Drive Traffic

You must publish thrilling content constantly to grow your blog. It requires interesting, trendy and intelligent ideas. So, how does one come up with post ideas which people enjoy and want to share?

Speaking from my own experience, we are not always passionate. Sometimes passion runs low. You cannot afford to sit and wait for inspiration to strike.

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5 Key Components To A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Most successful marketing campaigns don’t just happen by accident. They require time, attention, and most importantly – planning. Unfortunately, many business owners take a more haphazard approach, piecing together various strategies, then hoping for the best.

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Nonprofit Writing Prompts for September

If you have been on vacation (and we really hope you have!) and haven’t quite figured out your content calendar for next month, then use these prompts for your blog posts, social media updates or newsletter articles for next month taken from our Monthly Nonprofit Writing Prompts Email Newsletter:

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