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The Tapp Blog

Why Your Subscribers Are Not Opening Your Newsletters

Crafting content and distributing your organization’s weekly newsletter takes a lot of time and effort, so it’s frustrating when your open and click-through rates are low. So why aren't your subscribers opening your emails? Here are a few things that may contribute to spiraling open rates.

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4 Rules for Powerful Sales Emails to Support Your Business

With the combination of call screening and voicemails, cold calling to support your business is an almost pointless endeavour. Many organizations are relying more on email marketing to bring in new customers and engage with the old ones. But sending emails, especially to those less familiar with your company, runs the risk of having them mistaken for spam and deleted without being opened. So how do you hook your audience and have them participate in sales? Here are some powerful ways to engage and marketing to your target audience.

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