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Why Hospitals Should Consider InBound Marketing - A Wake Up Call

What is a  hospital's relationships with their community really based on? Do they openly embrace direct communication, or hesitate to engage directly via social media and content marketing? Are hospitals willing to jump right in to the communities where patients and physicians are spending time, such as Blogs,  Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

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MD Guided Content Marketing Disrupting Pharma for Good

So what is MD Guided Content Marketing and how can it help you and your brand?

MD Guided Inbound Marketing takes place when health experts and MDs engage with patients, fans and brands to promote positive behavior change. The goal in expert guided inbound marketing is to expertize and elevate the integrity of your campaigns for maximum impact. 

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5 Doctor Driven InBound Marketing Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies - Joseph DiGiovanni

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The Pharma Imperative: How RX Brands Will Combine Paid, Owned And Earned Media

By Joe DiGiovanni

In Pharma, the intersection of advertising and content marketing has become the breeding ground of brand success. Based on new research by Altimeter group and our own clients’ successes, Pharmaceutical, OTC, and CPG Marketers, and their agency partners must converge their media efforts by combining expert guided content and advertising reach –or risk connecting with the fleeting HCP, patient and consumer audiences.

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Doctor Driven Content Marketing Solutions for Pharma

The convergence of content marketing and the FDA's recent recommendations on social media provides pharmaceutical companies a transformational opportunity to support physicians as active content curators on health and wellness.

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4 Ways Content Curation Can Help Pharma

by Joe DiGiovanni

Content curation means simply the collection of information (like news articles) and their rebroadcasting on a targeted website. Since its inception, The Huffington Post has been the leading example of a site developed around the concept of taking news stories from other sources and collecting them into one place, with ‘channels’ breaking down the content into individual categories.

How can Pharma increase business and encourage consumer loyalty by curating content on their own websites? Here are four ways.

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