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Utilize the marketing funnel to increase awareness


When it comes to awareness, the marketing funnel should be your best friend. This funnel allows you to plan on how you are going to move people from one stage to the next. How the heck do you turn a casual website visitor into an advocate?

When someone first learns about your nonprofit, they are considered listener, or a visitor. Let’s call her Kathy. Kathy may have a general awareness of your nonprofit, but she doesn’t know too much so she isn’t completely sold.


As Kathy slowly learns more about your nonprofit, either through social media, blogs or by visiting your website, she’ll begin to inch through the funnel to the convert stage. She becomes more knowledgeable about your organization with every blog and social post she reads; and just like that her interest spikes! Here’s your chance to close.

Take advantage of this initial spike - as her knowledge and exposure increases, so does your relationships with listeners like Kathy. Keep an eye on her activity in your CRM to understand her interests. As she downloads whitepapers, fills out forms and opens emails, her next step may be to attend an event or donate to the cause. And just like that – she’s moved through another stage in the funnel within the delight stage. Your hard work has paid off!

Over time, if your nonprofit is consistently communicating with people like Kathy they will move through the funnel and transform into a very powerful source of awareness for your mission – promoters!

Having trouble moving people through the funnel to promote your nonprofit? Look no further.

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