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Why Should You Care About Inbound Marketing?



Inbound marketing is basically all the tactics a company uses to convert visitors into paying customers. While that's a simple definition, the actual process of maximizing your customer's lifetime value is a fine art with many moving parts. The customers of today are generally better informed and more likely to hit the back button if your message doesn't resonate with their objectives. By finding out what your visitors are looking for, you can place little lead magnets (like sticky ads, informative blog posts or newsletter opt-ins) that do the job of converting customers for you.

What's The Benefit of Learning Inbound Marketing?

One of the greatest benefits of understanding your inbound marketing process is that you can better see what's exactly driving your revenue.

  • Inbound marketing metrics to track could include how many visitors you're getting every month, how many of those visitors are turning into leads and how those leads are correlating with your overall revenue.
  • Measuring your marketing effectiveness can help compare the cost effectiveness of content marketing versus paid traffic.
  • Other metrics, like bounce rate and your newsletter unsubscribe rate, could help gauge how well your marketing persona is capturing the attention of your visitors.

Getting Your Inbound Marketing Tech Stack in Order

The benefit of using an all in one CRM like Hubspot or Marketo is that they’re designed to optimize your lead capture process without requiring you to code your own solution. This allows you to focus on your business and not waste man-hours coming up with your own optimized marketing technology stack. The software as a service (SaaS) marketing automation vendors owe a large part of their popularity to the fact that most companies don’t have the IT staff or budget to build their own solutions.

Another option is to work with an inbound marketing agency to help deliver consumer insights and drive revenue growth. A marketing agency has a wealth of experience with other clients to draw from when devising your inbound marketing strategy. The agency can use their marketing experience to craft your inbound marketing plan that perfectly fits your objectives and your budget.

Inbound marketing is a crucial optimization priority if you want to keep your business competitive. Contact us if you’d like to see how we can grow your business.

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