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How to obtain #WebsiteWins in 2018

As we launch full speed into 2018, some of you might be thinking about making some minor (or major) changes to your current marketing strategy. It's not a bad time to consider a revamp to your website perhaps, or maybe even your branding in general. 

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Tapp Networks Partners with International Fundraising Expert, Cogeo!

Wilmington, Delaware – Today Tapp Network finalized a joint partnership with Cogeo (Portland, Oregon), creating an exciting new joint venture delivering over 1/2 billion dollars in fundraising expertise with the latest marketing automation technology transforming the nonprofit sector.

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Next Level Lead Generation Tactics


Generating sales leads are draining to your time and energy, not to mention difficult to come by and usually don't end with a sale. Instead of sending the same generic email where you, "Hope everything is well and if they have a minute to hop on a quick call." Let's use our Inbound Marketing ingenuity and get leads to call you. 

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Attract: How To Drive More Qualified Website Visitors


For some small business owners and nonprofit digital marketers, the toughest stage of building a great inbound marketing strategy is the first: how can your site design ensure that not only is it effectively attracting website visitors, but that the visitors that it attracts have the potential to become customers?

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Why Your Nonprofit Needs Marketing Automation

Join us and our partner Tech Impact for a webinar, "Inbound Marketing Automation for Nonprofitstomorrow Tue, Nov 22, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Tech Impact is a leading provider of nonprofit technology services and solutions. Nonprofits can turn to Tech Impact to make sense of anything from large-scale technology projects, to technology maintenance and support. With more than a decade of experience working with a diverse group of nonprofits, they have the expertise and knowledge to deliver a wide range of services and support. 

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Why Should You Care About Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is basically all the tactics a company uses to convert visitors into paying customers. While that's a simple definition, the actual process of maximizing your customer's lifetime value is a fine art with many moving parts. The customers of today are generally better informed and more likely to hit the back button if your message doesn't resonate with their objectives. By finding out what your visitors are looking for, you can place little lead magnets (like sticky ads, informative blog posts or newsletter opt-ins) that do the job of converting customers for you.

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How to Find New Content Ideas for Your Blog and Drive Traffic

You must publish thrilling content constantly to grow your blog. It requires interesting, trendy and intelligent ideas. So, how does one come up with post ideas which people enjoy and want to share?

Speaking from my own experience, we are not always passionate. Sometimes passion runs low. You cannot afford to sit and wait for inspiration to strike.

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5 Key Components To A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Most successful marketing campaigns don’t just happen by accident. They require time, attention, and most importantly – planning. Unfortunately, many business owners take a more haphazard approach, piecing together various strategies, then hoping for the best.

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Inbound Marketing Services and Best Practices: How To Promote A Blog Post

So, you just finished up a post on your blog. It's clever, concise, and it has the perfect ratio of engaging images and videos to text.  It is a post that, if people saw it, would show them you are operating on a professional level which few others can claim. The problem is getting people to actually see it, because no matter how great your post was, it doesn't matter if no one reads it. That's where these simple tips can help you make sure your post gets in front of as many eyes as possible.

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Inbound Marketing for Construction Companies

If your construction company is still advertising in the phone book then you should read this.  

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