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Why Social Media is Crucial to Successful Inbound Marketing



Social media plays a huge role in Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing uses social media as one of it's main techniques to reel buyers in, so that marketers do not have to go out of their way to grab an audience's attention. Although it is already known that social media helps promote businesses, this article will delineate even more reasons businesses should be using it as part of their marketing tactics. 

1. Social Media Increases the Amount of Content Shared 

  • Social Media causes content to continously circulate and allow readers to not only read the information, but share it with their own followers
  • Inbound Marketing is all about promoting structured content and attracting an audience to it
  • To share content through Inbound Marketing succesfully, it is recommended for a business to have their own social media accounts, advertise on social media, and make significant connections through social media

2. Content Propositions are Created through Social Media

  • Social Media is full of devices to help provoke content ideas
  • These devices include but are not limited to, online reviews, social publishing, bookmarking sites, discussion forums, media sharing networks, and interest-based networks
  • These tools give businesses insight to what readers really want to read

3. Social Media Leads to a Better Awareness of the Intended Audience

  • Social media allowes businesses to dig deep into the wants of their audience and see what type of content their audience is attracted to most
  • This type of insight will lead businesses to create the right type of content that answers their readers questions 
  • Once these readers find appealing answers to their wants and questions, they will have nothing but positive thoughts towards ones company


4. Social Media Plays a Major Role in Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO is the process of constructing your website in order to appeal to more visitors from search engines
  • By making connections through the media, you can find people to help promote your content through their blogs and media accounts
  • This will result in ranking higher in search engine result pages which expose your company to a lot of traffic

5. Social Media Opens New Windows of Opportunity for your Business

  • Social media includes sites such as Twitter which allow people to use and search hashtags
  • By using hashtags people can find your business easier and you can attract the right buyers
  • Attracting the right buyers to your company can put you ahead of your competitors

Social Media not only helps circulate your business's content on the web, but it also helps your business be more aware of how you should rebuild your site and marketing plan to attract the right audience. Once you successfully rebuild your website and content marketing plan, you will begin ranking higher on search engine result pages which will lead to an increase of traffic on your site. 


Joe DiGiovanni

Written by Joe DiGiovanni

Joe has a passion for supporting brands and non-profits through content marketing, mobile, and technology, having held roles with LLuminari / Oprah Network, WPP, Epocrates, Lycos, and Roche.