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10 Essential Social Media Tools for Nonprofits

In the fast and highly competitive world of digital marketing, social media tools are essential if you want to stay ahead of the game.

The problem is these tools can also be expensive, especially for nonprofits. In a sea of cool tools, all promising you incredible results, how can you find the ones which work best and cost the least?
In this article I’m going to tell you my top 10 essential social media tools for nonprofit so you can perform like a pro without destroying your marketing budget.

#1 Canva


Beautifully designed images are essential for social media management. Yet many nonprofits do not have access to a full time graphic designer. Enter Canva, the easy online design tool where you can create professional looking cover photos, infographics and memes for your channel not to mention brochures, eBooks and ad imagery.

  • PRICE: Canva is free so you only pay $1 if you use a paid image. Upgrading to Canva for Work costs $9.95 per month but yields a whole load of cool benefits.
  • WHY I LOVE IT: You can create a team of up to 10 members for free making it easier to work on projects and share designs.
  • TIP: Upload your own photos and add your logo to them before you post to social media to ensure maximum brand exposure.

#2 PicMonkey

Social media management involves a lot of quick resizing. For example, your LinkedIn feed displays best at 800 x 800 pixels whilst Facebook is 2048 x 2048 pixels. Even if you have a graphic designer, this constant requirement can be a real drain on resources. That’s why PicMonkey is a super awesome tool for social media management agencies: Simply upload your image, change the size, apply and you’re good to go.

  • PRICE: PicMonkey offers a free basic version or $4.99 per month for Royale.
  • WHY I LOVE IT: The Royale PicMonkey package offers you a whole load more including deluxe filters, premium fonts and advanced touch up tools making it ideal for anyone managing an Instagram account.
  • TIP: Download the PicMonkey app on iPhone or Android to edit your photos.

#3 StockSnap

Social media is all about images and videos these days with 46% of marketers saying photography is critical to their success. However, it can be frustrating constantly attempting to source licensed images for use on your social media networks. “Borrowing” images from Google can land you in copyright trouble and many of the traditional stock photo sites are expensive with plans costing upwards of $100 per month. StockSnap.io has a ton of gorgeous high res photos that are completely free and licensed. Each week they add a fresh batch of images so you never get bored.

  • PRICE: Free
  • WHY I LOVE IT: The images range from business to quirky so there is something for everyone.
  • TIP: Download from StockSnap and upload to Canva to personalize your images.

#4 TweetDeck

If you’re a nonprofit with more than one Twitter account, then TweetDeck is an awesome free tool you should definitely try. TweetDeck allows you to schedule tweets, track hashtags, create multiple lists and send direct messages from any Twitter account you connect.

  • PRICE: FREE although I would pay money for it if I had to!
  • WHY I LOVE IT: Its slick dashboard makes it easy to scroll across and keep an eye on all your accounts in real time.
  • TIP: Schedule tweets at the right times for maximum impact.

#5 SocialFlow

SocialFlow will help your nonprofit take the guesswork out of social media management. This tool schedules your social content to coincide with times when target audiences are active and to suit the content they engage with. You simply enter your content and the software determines what and when to publish to your social media channels.

SocialFlow even recommends specific posts, pins or tweets for you to promote and even tells you your social score. This is really helpful for nonprofits who need to get the biggest bang for their buck.

  • PRICE: From $99 per month depending on your business model
  • WHY I LOVE IT: The platform supports Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn so it is easy to get maximum engagement across all your channels.
  • TIP: Understand your social media goals (ex. engagement, clicks or signups) before you begin so you can optimize your SocialFlow campaigns.

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