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The Clean Hydrogen Marketing-Technology Roadmap and Tech-Stack

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The U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap presents unprecedented growth opportunities for hydrogen businesses. To capitalize on these opportunities, green-tech companies need a robust marketing technology (MarTech) infrastructure. 
In this blog, Tapp Green provides a comprehensive hydrogen marketing technology roadmap with HubSpot at its core, guiding your digital transformation journey for maximum impact in the clean energy economy.

A successful MarTech roadmap starts with understanding your business's unique needs and customer journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide to building a comprehensive digital marketing technology stack using tools like HubSpot:

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

HubSpot CRM: A central hub to manage leads, customers, and marketing campaigns. The *U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap* emphasizes the need for collaboration and stakeholder engagement across various sectors, including industry, government, and academia. A CRM system like HubSpot CRM provides a single source of truth for your marketing and sales teams. With automated lead scoring and customizable pipelines, your hydrogen business can efficiently track customer interactions and personalize the customer journey.


  • Real-time tracking of customer interactions
  • Automated lead scoring and nurturing
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Implementation Tips:

  • Integrate with existing sales tools
  • Customize pipelines and workflows to align with the hydrogen customer journey

2. Marketing Automation Platform

HubSpot Marketing Hub: Automate marketing efforts to generate, nurture, and convert leads. The roadmap outlines ambitious goals, such as producing 10 million metric tons (MMT) of clean hydrogen annually by 2030, 20 MMT by 2040, and 50 MMT by 2050. HubSpot Marketing Hub enables hydrogen businesses to deliver tailored marketing campaigns at scale. By automating email marketing and lead nurturing, you can efficiently convert prospects into customers while personalizing content based on behavior.


  • Automated email marketing, social media posts, and lead scoring
  • Personalized content based on customer behavior
  • Comprehensive analytics on campaign performance

Implementation Tips:

  • Segment audiences based on industry (e.g., industrial, transportation, power)
  • Use lead scoring to prioritize high-value prospects

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3. Content Management System (CMS)

HubSpot CMS Hub: Create and manage a hydrogen-focused website and landing pages. The roadmap highlights the importance of educating stakeholders on hydrogen production and use cases, making content strategy critical for hydrogen businesses. HubSpot CMS Hub empowers hydrogen companies to build a user-friendly and SEO-optimized website. Dynamic content personalization and integrated analytics help you create an engaging online experience for your audience.


  • SEO-optimized web content with user-friendly editing
  • Dynamic content personalization
  • Integrated analytics to monitor visitor behavior

Implementation Tips:

  • Develop a content strategy around the clean hydrogen market
  • Create educational resources (e.g., whitepapers, webinars) to position your brand as an industry leader

4. Customer Service Platform

HubSpot Service Hub: Enhance customer satisfaction through efficient customer support. The National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap stresses the need for stakeholder feedback to improve hydrogen technology adoption and sustainability practices. HubSpot Service Hub centralizes your customer support efforts with unified helpdesk, live chat, and knowledge base features. Automated workflows and customer feedback collection ensure seamless onboarding and continuous service improvement.


  • Unified helpdesk with ticketing, live chat, and knowledge base
  • Customer feedback collection via surveys and NPS
  • Automated workflows for customer onboarding and support

Implementation Tips:

  • Create a customer knowledge base for FAQs related to hydrogen technology
  • Use NPS surveys to gather feedback and improve services

5. Analytics and Data Management

HubSpot Operations Hub: Clean, synchronize, and manage marketing data. The roadmap emphasizes the need for comprehensive reporting and analytics to measure progress toward hydrogen goals. HubSpot Operations Hub offers automated data synchronization, reporting, and data cleansing tools, providing hydrogen companies with accurate, real-time insights. With customizable dashboards, you can track essential metrics like lead generation and conversion rates.


  • Automated data synchronization across platforms
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
  • Data cleansing and deduplication

Implementation Tips:

  • Integrate with data sources like Google Analytics and social media platforms
  • Build dashboards to measure key metrics like lead generation and conversion rates

6. Advertising Technology (AdTech)

Google Ads and HubSpot Ads Integration: Manage and optimize paid ad campaigns.  The integration of Google Ads with HubSpot allows hydrogen businesses to manage paid campaigns from a single platform. The *Roadmap* identifies transportation and power sectors as high-impact areas for clean hydrogen. With Google Ads and HubSpot integration, you can measure ROI, optimize ad creatives, and retarget website visitors efficiently.


  • Consolidated ad campaign management across platforms
  • ROI tracking for ad spend
  • Retargeting based on website visitors and customer segments

Implementation Tips:

  • Create retargeting campaigns for visitors of hydrogen-related content
  • Optimize ad creatives based on audience segments

7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

SEMrush and HubSpot Integration: Boost online visibility in the clean hydrogen space.  By integrating SEMrush with HubSpot, hydrogen businesses can improve their SEO strategy with keyword research, competitor analysis, and content optimization. Regular audits help you refine your website's performance and attract more qualified leads. The roadmap calls for the widespread adoption of clean hydrogen technology, so appearing at the top of search results is crucial for educating potential customers.


  • Keyword research for industry-specific terms
  • Competitor analysis for benchmarking
  • SEO audits to optimize website content

Implementation Tips:

  • Focus on keywords related to the U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap
  • Monitor competitor websites for content gaps and optimization opportunities

Use Case Example: Building Decarb Coalition (BDC)

As the marketing arm/agency for the Building Decarb Coalition (BDC), Tapp Green manages everything from their website to their email marketing and systems in between. Our initiatives with BDC help drive membership of community organizations and funders/supporters, including Google, Salesforce, Rheem, and others. Our strategic approach includes developing and promoting a community education event series and ecosystem that answers common questions and better connects to the communities they serve.


  • Trackable Increase in Awareness & Education: The community education event series has led to a measurable increase in awareness of complex environmental and energy issues facing families today.
  • Increased Community Engagement: Our initiatives have significantly improved engagement among BDC members, stakeholders, and supporters.
  • Membership Growth: Our strategic marketing initiatives have driven notable membership growth among community organizations and industry partners.

Tapp into the Future

As outlined in the *U.S. National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap*, achieving ambitious national decarbonization goals requires strategic marketing infrastructure and a coordinated approach. Building a comprehensive marketing technology infrastructure is crucial for hydrogen businesses to maximize their impact. By leveraging a robust MarTech stack like HubSpot, clean hydrogen companies can reach, engage, and convert their audience effectively while adapting to the rapidly evolving clean energy economy.

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Joseph DiGiovanni,
Co-Founder Tapp Network / Tapp Green  

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Joe DiGiovanni

Written by Joe DiGiovanni

Joe DiGiovanni, a purpose-driven entrepreneur with a background in behavioral science and marketing technology, co-founded Tapp Network, driving digital transformation for government agencies, Fortune 100 brands, and communities seeking to scale social impact through innovation.