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Gathering Feedback on Social Media for Your Nonprofit’s Event

It’s very simple to gather feedback on social media about your organization’s recent event. There are three steps – ask, respond, and pay attention for any stray comments.

  1. Ask your nonprofit’s social media audience what they thought of the event – Be specific. Create a series of posts asking what they thought of the food, venue, entertainment, and so on. It is also a very good idea to email all attendees, in case they aren’t watching out for your posts on social media.

An additional channel to collect feedback is a survey (through a service such as Survey Monkey) or form on your website. Consider this option if you think your audience will want to take more than a couple of minutes to give you feedback.

  1. Respond when people answer – Let people know you saw their feedback and are taking it into consideration for your organization’s next event, or for this same event next year. Don’t just leave their comments hanging, or they won’t be encouraged to continue leaving feedback.

You can also use social media listening tools. For example, Hootsuite allows your company to track key words, hashtags, and mentions. You can respond in real time and schedule content directly within the tool itself.

  1. Pay attention to stray comments – Some people might comment on event photos with an opinion on the event. Watch all your nonprofit’s social media channels closely after hosting an event, rather than just looking for answers to your questions.

That’s it! All it takes to gather feedback on social media for your nonprofit’s event is careful monitoring and quick response time.

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Written by Tapp Network

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