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NonProfit Blogging to Bring In and Retain Membership

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If you run a nonprofit, you understand the need to create a strong membership program and bringing members in through your website and blogging efforts. To do this, there are a few key questions to ask yourself in order for your organization to run a smooth and successful website and blog campaign.  

The Role People Will Play In Your Organization

You’ll have board members and staff who play key roles, but what about others who are involved in your organization? 

Donors are one thing, and of course, your organization can’t succeed without them. But, there are many out there who are willing to step up and get involved. Identifying what you want from those individuals is the first step, and gear your online content towards those individuals.

Determining Your Membership Base

You need to determine the type of people you want as members and use that to decide on how to market your website. People who make donations may be a part of your general membership, so you'll want to include information on your website or in your blog about what donations you accept and how donating to your organization can help benefit the donor. 

Manage Expiring and Joining Membership

Many organizations keep their membership management simple: start of the year to end of the year. In these instances, there’s sometimes a membership drive at the end of the year in order to draw in new members. Your website and blog are great tools to be the driving force behind the membership drive. 

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