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The Tapp Blog

Next Level Lead Generation Tactics


Generating sales leads are draining to your time and energy, not to mention difficult to come by and usually don't end with a sale. Instead of sending the same generic email where you, "Hope everything is well and if they have a minute to hop on a quick call." Let's use our Inbound Marketing ingenuity and get leads to call you. 

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5 Landing Page Tips to Double your Leads

Landing Pages are your virtual digital sales representatives because they convert your visitors into leads. This is crucial to all businesses because landing pages lie at the center of all successful marketing campaigns. If your landing page is not CRO optimized, you are losing valuable customers. This blog will give you the ins and outs to creating the perfect landing page that will double your leads. 

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Struggling with having to prove the value of content marketing?


Why now is the time to get started with measuring the impact of your content on lead generation

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