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Social Trends to Watch Out for in 2018: What to Keep in Mind


So you've finally taken the plunge and decided to thrust your business/organization into the wonderful (yet ever-changing) world of social media marketing. You're learning what platforms your target audience is engaging with, the right content to publish, and the pitfalls of what happens when your content doesn't align with your audience's goals. Perhaps 2017 was a year filled with those types of social media learning lessons. Well this year, our resolution is to stay on top of the social media rollercoaster. Social media can be a beast of its own kind, so we'd like to break down some of the trends that have been identified so far for 2018!

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How Your Business Can Optimize YouTube Traffic

When businesses are looking for potential new social media channels, it’s not uncommon for YouTube to be discarded without much thought. YouTube, however, should not be underestimated for its potential in lead generation. YouTube is a social media platform just like Facebook and Twitter, with sharing, commenting and liking capabilities that are an integral part of its features. Many organizations host videos on their own sites instead of uploading to YouTube, which detracts from their value. If you host your own video, only audience members who visit your site can access the footage, limiting its potential reach. Even if your company does choose to upload to YouTube, you can’t expect to just self-generate viewers. Fortunately for your organization, you are most likely vying for your target audiences’ attention against a very small amount of similar videos. Here is how you can further optimize your YouTube videos to bring in more sponsors, followers and customers.

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