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Website development and blogging for nonprofits: 3 affordable tools you need to know about


Website development and blogging for nonprofits are two topics the average nonprofit executive probably doesn't think much about. You have a site and you blog sometimes. But, there is more to having an effective Web presence. Web pages and blog posts should have engaging, professional images on them. 

Finding and using those images does not have to be expensive or labor intensive. Nonprofit Hub recently summarized three no cost photo tools. Here are a few words about each:

Pixlr Express - An online photo editing tool that lets you work with images from your computer, or take a photo with your Webcam. You can crop your images and add numerous color effects, borders, overlays, and stickers. Some of the stickers and effects are more suited to a college student's Facebook page, but having plenty of free options is good. 

Piktochart - If you need to convey complex information to your visitors, long blocks of text and boring charts are killers. Don't do it. Create an infographic with Piktochart. They have a free version, but you can get more tools by paying $29.

Compfight - A free photo search engine that gives you access to thousands of images. Select 'Creative Commons' to narrow your search to free images. If you don't have professional images at hand, Compfight might have images that can illustrate your mission for you. A quick search for 'poverty' and 'Africa' yielded over 4,400 Creative Commons images.

Bonus Photo Tip: You can find copyright-free images on Google by doing a search, then selecting Images. Under Search Tools, then Usage Rights, then Labeled for Reuse.

If you would like some professional support to get the most out of your nonprofit's Web site and blog.New Call-to-action

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