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3 Staggering Stats from the 2015-2016 InBound Marketing Trends Report


 On an annual basis, the inbound industry goes through very transformational changes.  Tech trends emerges, audience attributes change, and digital-marketers are armed with more marketing autimation tools and technologies to generate leads. The latest 40 page plus report from Hubpot dives deep into 2015 stats and industry research as well as provides insights into 2016 future trends right around the corner. 

Hot off the presses. Download Hub-Spot's New State of Inbound 2015-2016 Report and get tons of criritcal industry research and stats to share with your team and clients. 

Download INBOUND ReportTo give you a sneak peek at the report, we've  identified three key insights from HubSpot's survey of 4,000+ marketing experts and sales professionals below.   

1) The ROI Inbound Marketing campaigns achieve out-perform the ROI of outbound.

Marketers who track marketing ROI reported a clear payoff with inbound campaigns. This holds true across different company sizes, regions, and budgets. Inbound campaigns return more value than traditional paid tactics because content generated through inbound has the potential to attract visitors and shares long after the marketer has moved on to their next project. What’s more, marketers who could prove positive ROI are 2x more likely to get higher budgets in the next year compared to those who couldn't.

The research is clear.  Inbound-Marketing generates higher  Return-On-Investment. Measuring and optimizing ROI makes digital marketing teams more successful. And successful digital marketing agencies and teams quite often secure higher budgets.

B) Outbound-marketers believe outbound-marketing strategies to be overrated.

On a annual basis, HubSpot asks marketers to describe the most overrated digital marketing strategy.  We did a deep dive into the research to compare the replys  of inbound marketers & outbound marketing pros and found some amazing results. Outbound pros seem to dislike outbound marketing strategies as well

Maybe it is because it is very difficult to measure the success of outbound initiatives, or as you stop paying for an advertisement, the amount of leads fall off the map. In either case,, this has a lot of interesting implications for digital marketing as a whole. As digital marketers stray away from regular marketing channels, what will fill the void? Native advertising iis hitting it's stride, and a lot of big and small brands are continuing to explore social/interactive ads. We’ll continue posing the question in forthcoming reports across multiple inbound industries and sectors. 

C)  75% of marketers worldwide prioritize inbound strategy for their digital marketing. 

According to the Report, Inbound-Marketing is very prolific in smaller-sized companies, who are driving  highly  focused elite marketing teams and utilizing inbound-marketing strategies to attract prospects and leads to their offerings on a tight budget. Bigger orgs have more equally balanced their resources, focusing 50% of their initiatives on inbound campaigns and 50% on traditional outbound initiatives such as events and print.

The full 2015 Inbound Research and 2016 Trands Analysis contains many more fascinating insights about the evolving inbound marketing landscape. Download the full marketing study to discover:

  • How marketing budgets have changed from the prior year
  • The TOP challenge marketing execs face worldwide               
  • The TOP priority marketing execs are challenged with
  • Who is really creating content for digital marketing team
  • Whether aligning sales with marketing causes a fundamental shift in outcomes.


Download INBOUND Report


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