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Have Your B2B Sell Like Amazon: 7 Automated, & Personalized Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing automation can help you nurture leads, increase your conversions, and grow your revenues… without spending more on advertising.

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5 New HubSpot Features That Will Disrupt Marketing Automation In 2016

The Tapp team had the pleasure of attending HubSpot's InBound 2015 Conference in Boston to witness, and now implement for our clients, HubSpot's game-changing  platform add-ons to their InBound Marketing Platform.    Here is a list of 5 new additions that will make a significant impact on inbound lead generation in 2016 as marketers master these new tools. We have thus had the opportunity to put them to use for our clients and share our findings.

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3 Staggering Stats from the 2015-2016 InBound Marketing Trends Report


 On an annual basis, the inbound industry goes through very transformational changes.  Tech trends emerges, audience attributes change, and digital-marketers are armed with more marketing autimation tools and technologies to generate leads. The latest 40 page plus report from Hubpot dives deep into 2015 stats and industry research as well as provides insights into 2016 future trends right around the corner. 

Hot off the presses. Download Hub-Spot's New State of Inbound 2015-2016 Report and get tons of criritcal industry research and stats to share with your team and clients. 

Download INBOUND ReportTo give you a sneak peek at the report, we've  identified three key insights from HubSpot's survey of 4,000+ marketing experts and sales professionals below.   

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PARTNER & FLOURISH: How PR FIRMS Can Transform into Powerhouse InBound Agencies of Record

Once dedicated to media relations and crisis communication, PR agencies have adapted and re-adapted to the changing times. However as marketing automation and mobile usage surges, PR firms lack the technological resources to compete with their inbound tech savvy competitors.

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