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3 Essentials When Perfecting Website Development and Blogging for Nonprofits


While a nonprofit's purpose is to raise as much money for its cause as possible, the very best organizations do so by creating a community which values support in all its forms. This is why website development and blogging for nonprofits plays such an important role in their marketing strategy: often, the website (and accompanying blog) is the face of the organization, the first introduction potential donors get, and a means by which the nonprofit can inform -- and engage with -- their audience.

Digital marketing has changed how any organization can choose to attract donors, so here are three core essentials to consider amid this evolving landscape.

1. Get Mobile-Ready

Mobile web browsing has officially overtaken desktop browsing, which means that creating a mobile device-compatible website is more important than ever. Nothing will turn off potential donors more than when they try to access your website via smart phone or tablet and find that the print is entirely too tiny or the formatting has been lost in translation. At best, your nonprofit seems outmoded and out-dated; at worst, your audience takes one look at the non-mobile site and deems it too much of a hassle to browse any further.

2. Make Your Website a Hub for Social Media Updates

A Facebook or Instagram icon in the bottom left corner tells your audience you have social media, while a fully integrated panel featuring your updates shows everyone that you are a web-and-social-media-savvy force to be reckoned with. It is also an inherent indication that your organization welcomes a dialogue with its supporters.

3. Your Blog Represents an Enormous Opportunity...

...to tell viewers your story, tug at their heartstrings and convince them to make that donation, be it time or money. Staffers' personal tales, fundraiser photos, pertinent current events, the ability to engage with readers and establish your authority in the field: it's all there with your blog. Embrace its versatility and be prepared to invest some time into keeping it up-to-date.

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