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Empower Your Nonprofit: How Tapp Network Amplifies Impact Through Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions

Welcome to the world of Tapp Network’s digital marketing services, where we empower nonprofits to amplify their impact through expertly tailored marketing solutions. Whether you need immediate project-based assistance, ongoing support through small to midsize retainers, or comprehensive full-service retainers, we are here to meet your unique needs. 

Our Approach

At Tapp Network, our process begins with an initial consultation to understand your needs, goals, and current marketing efforts to best help you select the solution to your problem. This is followed by a kickoff meeting where we define roles, outline the project plan, and establish communication protocols. We then move to strategy development, conducting a thorough marketing audit or web audit of your current materials and a competitor analysis. This structured approach ensures a deep understanding of your objectives, sets a solid foundation for collaboration, and develops effective, data-driven strategies to achieve our set goals.

Here, we’ll explore real-life use cases organized by our service categories: Project-Based, Small to Midsize Service Retainers, and Full-Service Retainers.

Project-Based Marketing

  • Marketing Plans
  • Database Migration
  • Logos, Messaging, and Brand Guides
  • Landing Pages and Microsites
  • Email Workflows and Automation
  • Social Media Templates
  • SEO and Google Analytics Set Up
  • Accessibility Audits and Updates
  • Fundraising Platform Set Up
  • CRM (HubSpot) Integrations

Use Case: Vituity Cares 

Vituity Cares approached Tapp Network for a homepage refresh, recognizing its critical role in driving donations, member sign-ups, community engagement, and volunteer recruitment. Their previous website primarily focused on broad organizational goals, jumping directly to donation requests without adequately educating visitors on specific initiatives. Vituity Cares needed to inform visitors about the projects they would support, explain how they would be executed, and showcase the impact through testimonials.

We redesigned Vituity Cares' homepage to enhance user experience and communicate the organization's mission and initiatives effectively. This included creating sections that provided detailed information about specific projects, the execution plans, and proven testimonials to showcase the impact.

Vituity Cares Website Homepage

In preparation for Vituity Cares' inaugural Annual Virtual Fundraising Event featuring celebrity Hasan Minhaj, we developed and executed a targeted promotion strategy to drive engagement and donations. This strategy focused on leveraging digital marketing to reach a wide audience and spark interest in the event. To ensure the event's success, we undertook a comprehensive approach, including a rapid redesign of Vituity Cares' homepage and a robust targeted promotion strategy. The redesign centered on enhancing user experience, clearly presenting the organization's mission, and making it easy for visitors to get involved and donate.

The outcomes of our efforts were outstanding. The Virtual Fundraising Event raised over $350,000, demonstrating the significant impact of our strategic marketing and design efforts. Our full-funnel approach led to remarkable improvements in key performance metrics: reach increased to 50.2K, a 31,509% rise month-over-month; engagement also saw a 31,509% increase; followers grew to 5,093, translating to a 3,539% rise month-over-month; and impressions reached 5,093, marking a 3,539% increase month-over-month.

The success of Vituity Cares’ first Annual Virtual Fundraising Event underscores the critical importance of a well-designed homepage and a strategic promotional approach. Our ability to quickly redesign the homepage and implement an effective marketing strategy enhanced user experience and significantly boosted engagement and fundraising efforts. This case study highlights our capability to address and resolve key issues promptly, driving significant results for nonprofit success.

Small to Midsize Service Retainers

For ongoing monthly marketing needs, our small to midsize retainers offer flexible support tailored to your requirements. Small service retainers are based on work hours per month and can fluctuate based on your monthly needs. Services include:

  • Marketing Plan and Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Website Maintenance
  • Social Media Design
  • Social Content
  • Google Analytics
  • Blogs
  • Monthly Newsletters

Use Case: Washington State Community Connectors

Washington State Community Connectors, a nonprofit organization focused on uniting family leaders in behavioral health care across Washington state, enlisted Tapp Network to enhance their website’s functionality and user experience. Their mission to strengthen children, youth, families, and community partnerships highlighted the need for a homepage that effectively drives donations, member sign-ups, community engagement, and volunteer recruitment. The primary challenge was that their existing website prioritized broad organizational goals and direct donation requests without adequately informing visitors about specific initiatives.

To address these issues, Tapp Network conducted a thorough marketing audit of all existing platforms, including social channels and Google Analytics, to enhance messaging, user flow, search engine optimization, call-to-actions, lead capture, form automation, and list segmentation. We developed a full-funnel digital marketing plan and an accompanying content calendar to raise awareness, set SMART goals, develop personas, craft campaign messages, and create full-funnel campaign workflows and a social media and content marketing calendar around key events and dates.

In the website redesign, we created a relational database that integrated standard features for easy access and reference. This allowed records to be stored once but referenced in multiple locations. We developed a custom theme, ensuring it was mobile-responsive and housed common templates for custom post types. We delivered training sessions to WSCC on using the new system for content updates. We integrated essential plugins like CPT-UI, Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms, Facet-WP, and YOAST-SEO to enhance functionality.

Additionally, we fixed issues with the main drop-down menu, installed an SSL certificate for improved security and user experience, and integrated the GiveWP platform for donation management, connecting it with the current payment processor. We created and embedded basic forms for donations and volunteer sign-ups, ensuring they matched the current design. We also integrated MailChimp for email marketing, creating and embedding a sign-up form.

This comprehensive approach successfully addressed the challenges faced by Washington State Community Connectors. The updated website enhanced the user experience, communicated the organization’s mission and initiatives, and improved functionality. By focusing on a full-funnel approach—presenting the problem, offering solutions, and facilitating easy involvement—the revamped website significantly boosted engagement. It facilitated better community partnerships, showcasing the critical importance of a well-designed homepage in driving nonprofit success.

Full-Service Retainers

Our full-service retainers provide end-to-end support for nonprofits needing a comprehensive marketing solution, acting as your outsourced marketing department. Services include:

  • Marketing & Technology Strategy
  • Branding, Messaging, Design Services
  • Technology Integration: CRM, CMS, Analytics
  • Omni Channel Campaigns
  • Digital & Traditional Advertising
  • Event Marketing Support
  • Social Media Strategy Services

Use Case: It’s Time Campaign 

The City of Wilmington, Delaware, sought to revitalize its image and boost economic growth and tourism through a comprehensive omnichannel marketing campaign. Negative press in 2018 necessitated a strategic rebranding effort to change the city’s narrative and attract more visitors and businesses.

To achieve this, we developed a cohesive brand identity and communications plan for Wilmington, emphasizing its unique charm and potential. We built and managed a dynamic, interactive website, WilmToday, as a central hub for information and resources about the city. The "It's Time" social media campaigns were launched and managed across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube. We also rolled out PR campaigns, created and managed TV, radio, and digital ads, and supported physical events with engaging technology like 360-degree cameras.Wilimington "It's Time" Campaign Overview

The campaign achieved a 32% increase in positive perception, supported over 300 local businesses, reached over 2 billion media impressions (a 10x ROI), and increased social media engagement by 600%, building a follower base of over 30,000. Notable partnerships included Aviation Gin, L’Oreal, and events like the NCAA A10 Women’s Basketball Championship and BMW Golf Championship.

The "It's Time" campaign successfully rebranded Wilmington, transforming its public image and driving significant economic and tourism growth. Through a well-executed marketing strategy, it created a lasting impact on the community and businesses.

Get Started

Interested to learn more about the right marketing strategy for your nonprofit? Watch our recent webinar, “Introduction to TechSoup’s Digital Marketing Services and Use Cases,” with the co-founder of Tapp Network, Joe DiGiovanni, and our Director of Account Strategy, Lisa Quigley.

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Lauren Van Hise

Written by Lauren Van Hise

Lauren Van Hise is a Content Strategist with a background in Health Education, Hospitality, and Content Marketing. She is passionate about creating engaging and impactful content that helps support her client's goals and brand. Lauren lives in Wilmington, Delaware but loves to travel! Her life goal is to travel the U.S. in an RV with her pup, Ruger.