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Social Trends to Watch Out for in 2018: What to Keep in Mind


So you've finally taken the plunge and decided to thrust your business/organization into the wonderful (yet ever-changing) world of social media marketing. You're learning what platforms your target audience is engaging with, the right content to publish, and the pitfalls of what happens when your content doesn't align with your audience's goals. Perhaps 2017 was a year filled with those types of social media learning lessons. Well this year, our resolution is to stay on top of the social media rollercoaster. Social media can be a beast of its own kind, so we'd like to break down some of the trends that have been identified so far for 2018!

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Tapp Nonprofit Social Summit 2017 - Press Release


The Nonprofit Social Summit 2017 is coming to Wilmington, Delaware! — To empower nonprofits with the latest advancements in digital marketing & technology.

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6 Practical Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

 Everyone says it's more efficient to simply outsource your digital marketing than keep an in-house team. They have all the pros and cons ready for both options, but here's why this article is not one of those articles. This one will be a little different.

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5 Key Components To A Successful Content Marketing Campaign

Most successful marketing campaigns don’t just happen by accident. They require time, attention, and most importantly – planning. Unfortunately, many business owners take a more haphazard approach, piecing together various strategies, then hoping for the best.

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3 Rules for Retweeting on Twitter

A Retweet is a re-posting of someone else’s Tweet. Retweeting is an easy way to quickly share useful content with your followers, while also building your Twitter karma. This post will show you how.

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10 Website Design and Email Marketing Best Practices for Nonprofits

The rapid rise of social media and mobile technology has had a profound impact on website design and email marketing, yet many nonprofits have not yet adapted to the new aesthetics and functionality of a mobile, social Internet.

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Facebook for Nonprofits

Authentic connections are at the heart of building a strong community. Use your Facebook page to interact with your supporters and help them feel known and appreciated by your organization. Follow these tips to strengthen your relationships via Facebook. 

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7 Trends that Should Shape Your 2017 Marketing Budget

 In the face of incredibly disruptive martech and adtech innovation, where do CMOs and their teams begin to plan a 2017 budget when the new technologies they will need to compete then are likely still on the drawing board now?

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Demanding That Nonprofits Not Pay For Overhead Is Preventing Them From Doing Good

According to Bridgespan's research, the average S&P 500 firm spends about 34% of their budget on essential behind-the-scenes support. For IT companies it's more like 78%, the report notes. Some 21st-century nonprofits probably require the same kind of tech firepower.

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