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In case you missed it..


This month's #TappSocial: Organization & Funder Collaboration for Success featured guest speaker Peggy Geisler, Owner and Senior Consultant of PMG Consulting LLC

Throughout the workshop, Peggy shared real-world insights to nonprofit leadership in order to help them better define their funding efforts. "If the funder doesn't feel it they're not going to fund it." She also stressed that "People own what they help to create" which is why it's important to have funders involved from the ground floor. Peggy urged attendee's to be more transparent with their funders and dive into the human and emotional side of their funders that sometimes organization's neglect to see.

If you weren't able to attend, here are the presentation slides. Peggy has committed to coming back later in the year to hold this workshop again, so stay tuned.

Our next #TappSocial is around the corner!

You can register now: April 17th: Public Relations & Tactics to Encourage Community Engagement Roundtable DiscussionWe'll be featuring Public Relations and Social Media Experts Nina Zucker, Dan Sanchez and Kent Wissinger M.A., as they collectively discuss:

  • Choosing the right levers for the right audience

  • When and why holistic approaches work

  • The importance of not fatiguing a channel

  • Traditional vs Technological

  • Amplification of your message and THINKING BIG

  • Selling your story

  • Triumphs and Failures

Seats are limited and are filling up fast! 

Register Now! 

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