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3 Things Every Nonprofit Blog Should Contain

Ninety-two percent of nonprofit professionals are currently using content marketing to spread their organizations’ missions, but over half don’t have a documented strategy for this content. That means wasted time and energy on content that may not be ideal for the nonprofit. 

Writing blogs and articles for nonprofits differs greatly from other blogs. Those who are viewing a nonprofit’s blog want to get excited about their mission and should be prompted to donate, volunteer or sign-up for a newsletter. They should feel excited about your goals and should not be able to leave your website without interacting. 

This is how nonprofits create and nurture inbound leads. Those prospects come to your website, looking to learn and looking to be excited, and leave as opportunities ready to spread your mission.

But what exactly moves these prospects into delighted advocates for you nonprofit? It’s all about what the content included in a blog. Just because you blog, does not mean that it will 100% convert the next visitor. It must include interesting and relatable content that makes the visitor WANT to revisit your nonprofit.


Personal stories

Share success stories about your nonprofit. People love to see how a nonprofit is actually affecting the world. This gives you a chance to connect with people on an emotional level. Include videos and pictures of those who have been affected.


Use Numbers

People will only spend their hard earned money if they are ensured that it is going to a good cause. Use statistics from your organization to assure donators that their money is going directly to the cause. For example, use something tangible like this statement: “100% of each donation made goes to (this child) for their school supplies for the year”.


Highlight Volunteers

No matter how many times someone has volunteered for you, you have to give them recognition! No one wants to volunteer for an organization that does not recognize the time that volunteers spend. Maybe spend one day a week highlighting the “Volunteer of the Week”! 


If you need additional help accomplishing these tips for your nonprofits blog, contact us. We’re happy to help!

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