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Tickets are on sale now for this months Tapp Social, Don't miss out! 

It's that time of the month again! You know the drill, come on down and visit us at the Mill for an afternoon of learning, growth, food, and fun! There will be an amazing presentation from our very dear friend and partner Peggy Geisler of PMG Consulting to start things off followed by an hour or so of networking and socializing, made complete with food and beverages to make your tummy smile.

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Social Media Effectiveness for Public Engagement: An Example of Small Nonprofits

When small activist nonprofits work with social media, they are faced with any number of considerations, including the ways that various constituencies wish to communicate; what those communications might produce in terms of engagement, social action, or donations; how widely used and well suited various platforms of social media are for the task at hand; and how well staff and volunteers understand each medium. On top of that, the basic control mechanisms of the organization may present barriers: Are staff and volunteers trusted as spokespeople as long as their work conforms to a central design or are the number of spokespeople and the message more tightly controlled? The good news is that some small nonprofits are unflaggingly inventive and agile. This article, excerpted from a larger study, describes how twenty-six small environmental groups approached their social media work in the midst of such complexity.

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How Nonprofits Use Social Media to Engage with Communities

A new study from the Case Foundation and Social Media for Nonprofits, based on a survey of almost 500 nonprofits, helps advance the conversation around how nonprofits use social media to engage their communities. What is working and why?

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Instagram has the Highest Engagement Rate on Social Media

If you run a nonprofit organization, you're not looking for clients, but rather donors, people or companies who can help fund your organization to allow it to grow and continue to work on its mission. As a result, your marketing plan has to be smart, creative and able to reach your potential donors. You can do that by utilizing social media platforms, and here we'd like to discuss Instagram.

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4 Ways Content Curation Can Help Pharma

by Joe DiGiovanni

Content curation means simply the collection of information (like news articles) and their rebroadcasting on a targeted website. Since its inception, The Huffington Post has been the leading example of a site developed around the concept of taking news stories from other sources and collecting them into one place, with ‘channels’ breaking down the content into individual categories.

How can Pharma increase business and encourage consumer loyalty by curating content on their own websites? Here are four ways.

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10 Staggering Social Statistics You Probably Didn't Know

(Image Courtesy of Bufferapp.com)

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