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10 Twitter Best Practices for Nonprofits

It’s impossible to apply Twitter best practices across all segments of the nonprofit sector because of the wide variety of causes and follower counts, but scientific analysis of Twitter clearly indicate that there is right way and a wrong way to use Twitter. The challenge is for nonprofits to learn from and apply the scientific data to their Twitter strategy. If you study Twitter and grow to enjoy using it, then your time invested will eventually pay off through increased brand recognition, referral traffic, new donors, volunteers, and event attendees.

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3 Rules for Retweeting on Twitter

A Retweet is a re-posting of someone else’s Tweet. Retweeting is an easy way to quickly share useful content with your followers, while also building your Twitter karma. This post will show you how.

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Tips for Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

Due to the nature of nonprofit organizations, the vast majority of such organizations simply do not have the money to launch huge marketing campaigns. Fortunately, even if you can't afford to invest in paid advertisements and other pricey marketing tactics, you can always rely on social media marketing. These tips for social media marketing for nonprofits should help you do just that.

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How to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags

Twitter hashtags are a critical tool for getting your posts noticed by people who will care. Including a hashtag lumps your tweet into a conglomeration of all of the tweets talking about that tag. The more times you use hashtags in your tweets, the more likely it is people will see your posts. There are “popular” hashtags and there are “trending” hashtags. Popular hashtags are used more consistently, while trending hashtags are experience a high mention volume at a particular point in time.

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5 Ways Twitter Chat Can Help Your Business

If your business is active on Twitter, it’s time to consider participating in Twitter chats, which are open, moderated conversations that use a relevant hashtag for the topic. While it can be challenging for businesses to successfully participate in, it can absolutely be done. Here are a few ways your company can utilize Twitter chats to grow its network.

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How Your Business Can Keep Up With Changes in Social Media

Keeping up with the constant changes of social media can be a daunting prospect for content marketers. New platforms, users and content are constantly appearing and a strategy that worked last year may not be effective in the years to come. While the thought of keeping up with all these changes may seem exhausting, if you’re a marketing professional working to better your business, you don’t have much of a choice but to keep pushing forward. Here are some ways to help you keep your cool and stay ahead of changes in the digital marketing space.

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