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How Your Business Can Keep Up With Changes in Social Media


Keeping up with the constant changes of social media can be a daunting prospect for content marketers. New platforms, users and content are constantly appearing and a strategy that worked last year may not be effective in the years to come. While the thought of keeping up with all these changes may seem exhausting, if you’re a marketing professional working to better your business, you don’t have much of a choice but to keep pushing forward. Here are some ways to help you keep your cool and stay ahead of changes in the digital marketing space.

Master the fundamentals

One of the most important things to do to keep up with changes is to go back to the beginning and make sure you are an expert in the basics. While platforms change and your company’s audience grows, the core of marketing and customer behavior does not. If you can look at technological changes and advancements through the marketing basics, you will make it easier on yourself to identify what is or is not going to cut it. Be confident in your fundamentals and you will have a more solid foundation to grow out your expertise.

Keep an eye on your audience

It can be tempting to jump onto the latest and trendiest social platform, but before you dedicate the time needed to learn a new social media base, check to see where your audience is. The major social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn are the most reliable bet for a strong following, so check there to see what your sponsors, fans and customers are doing before checking out other platforms. Depending on your company’s customer demographic and location, you may want to consider expanding to more platforms, but do your research on your follower base before wasting time and energy on a platform that won’t maximize your ROI.

Consider having an area of focus

If you can’t keep up with everything, it’s not the end of the world. It might be best for your business to focus on one specific area of interest and further your initiatives. Get a feel of what works best for your organization and what platform or strategy your audience most responds to, then work from there. It may be more effective in the long run to become an expert in one area than to be mediocre in several different platforms.

Put together a support group

It’s practically impossible for one individual to keep up with every single change in social media, but not as much for a group. Consider getting together with co-workers and friends in the non-profit digital marketing sector and pooling your knowledge to better keep up with social media changes.

Kyle Barkins

Written by Kyle Barkins

Kyle Barkins co-founded Tapp Network with more than 10 years in marketing and application development, and calls on his experience to enhance the usability of web and mobile applications for high-conversions for our clients.

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