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Nonprofit Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Nonprofits is a effective tool for your social media marketing efforts, but did you know it can also help you find employees, donors, board members, and volunteers? Below is a how to guide on building your page, growing your network, finding groups, and increasing fundraising. 

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Marketing on Instagram


With 500 million users and over 95 million posts per day, Instagram has become an essential element of social media marketing. It’s critical to navigate Instagram the right way, which is why we put together this guide on how to set up, grow, and optimize your Instagram strategy to increase your audience, followers, leads, and customers. 

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Content Curation Tools to Save Time and Money



When you are just starting with your marketing and have not gotten very far with your content creation – content curation for your website and social media accounts is one of your most important, and one of your most time-consuming tasks. 

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How To Extract Value From Hashtags

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Tapp Nonprofit Social Summit 2017 - Press Release


The Nonprofit Social Summit 2017 is coming to Wilmington, Delaware! — To empower nonprofits with the latest advancements in digital marketing & technology.

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A Nonprofits Guide to Wordpress Pricing


A question we are routinely asked is, why do websites cost so much to build when the core WordPress software is free? The cost of a WordPress site depends entirely on the features and goals of your nonprofit wants to achieve. 

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Attract: How To Drive More Qualified Website Visitors


For some small business owners and nonprofit digital marketers, the toughest stage of building a great inbound marketing strategy is the first: how can your site design ensure that not only is it effectively attracting website visitors, but that the visitors that it attracts have the potential to become customers?

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Best Practices Every Nonprofit Should Use for Landing Page Conversions



Landing pages are all about forms, their sole purpose is to obtain information from visitors through the form included on the page. When designed correctly, landing pages can help your nonprofit connect with people you might otherwise have missed. Your nonprofit can use landing pages to promote a variety of actions. Just not all at once. A landing page should prompt people to do one specific thing. And, it must be compelling in order to increase donors, volunteers and/or your emailing list. 

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Increase Your Nonprofits Donations with Email Marketing


Email marketing is still one of the most successful, if not the most underrated digital marketing channel. Email is a great communication tool because it's more effective than traditional marketing, yields quick results, and enables you to track and send personalized messages instantaneously. But with the majority of all email being spam, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to capture people's attention. The recently released of the 2017 M+R Benchmark Study has some surprising stats nonprofits should take notice of. Below we will highlight M+R's findings and some best practices your nonprofit can use to increase donations. 

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Wordpress Plugins Every Nonprofit Should Use

Every nonprofit—no matter its size or budget—deserves a high-quality website that helps them achieve their mission and make the world a better place. WordPress offers a number of plugins that allow visitors to easily donate, in addition to plugins that encourage donations, you'll find some that allow visitors to connect through social media, sign up for email lists and access an event calendar, all while allowing you to track users. Many common nonprofit tools will integrate with WordPress right out of the box. Below we will provide recommendations for plugins in all the major categories that you’ll likely need when building your nonprofit's website.

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