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4 Steps To Community Health Center Marketing Success

Community Health Centers were created to provide health care to those who are too unfortunate to access it. Whether it is due to where they live, low income, or a lack of medical aid, millions of Americans do not have health care. This is where Community Health Centers step in.  One of the main focuses of these organizations is marketing themselves so that they are well known and can help as many people in need as possible. Four major steps on how to successfully market these organizations are listed below. 

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Inbound Marketing Services and Best Practices: Top 3 Tips

Your inbound marketing techniques will make all the difference in how your business grows this year. Here are three inbound marketing services and best practices that you may want to consider using.

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Tips for Reducing Your Technology Budgeting

Nonprofits work on a tight budget each year to successfully serve their constituents. However, they also must stay current and relevant and effectively reach their target audience to maintain a solid donor base. Technology budgeting for nonprofits is an integral aspect of every budget if organizations want to keep up with resources and continue to grow.

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3 Essentials When Perfecting Website Development and Blogging for Nonprofits

While a nonprofit's purpose is to raise as much money for its cause as possible, the very best organizations do so by creating a community which values support in all its forms. This is why website development and blogging for nonprofits plays such an important role in their marketing strategy: often, the website (and accompanying blog) is the face of the organization, the first introduction potential donors get, and a means by which the nonprofit can inform -- and engage with -- their audience.

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What Happened on Giving Tuesday: a Virtual #TappSocial Recap

Our group for this past Tuesday's Tapp Social webinar was small, but mighty. We appreciated Ryan Catalani (one of our October speakers) of Family Promise returning to share his Giving Tuesday experience, as well as hearing from a few other nonprofiteers.

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Introducing Our New(ish) Company Members!

It's no secret that Tapp has been growing by leaps and bounds. In the past couple months, we've done everything from hosting multiple events for Delaware Innovation Week to opening a branch in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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Tapp Network Joins TechSoup to Offer Global Webinar Series on Leveraging Technology to Address the Opioid Crisis

 Join TechSoup, Tapp Network, and PMG Consulting for this free webinar and discover the digital tools and cutting edge strategies innovative nonprofits are leveraging on the frontlines of the opioid crisis.

Learn how Social Impact Technology (Sim-Tech) is connecting schools, healthcare institutions, law enforcement, libraries, government, and local nonprofits to accelerate collaboration, communications, and impact for communities in need.

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Making Herstory: The 1st Annual Women in DE Innovation & Technology Day

We can't start this post without thanking all the incredible speakers and attendees who participated in the event and brought so much energy and enthusiasm. The 3 panels did a phenomenal job, and left us feeling inspired to get out there and do something! If you weren't able to make it, we don't want you to miss out (well, we do want you to experience a bit of FOMO). Read on for a short recap and some takeaways from the event.

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Energy & Connections: Recapping November 2018 #TappSocial

Officially this past Tapp Social was about Grants, Applications, and Finding Funders. Usha Vig, the founder of Mission Guided Grants shared her knowledge with us, from the basic types of grants to tips for grant-seeking success.

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