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Tips for Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits

Due to the nature of nonprofit organizations, the vast majority of such organizations simply do not have the money to launch huge marketing campaigns. Fortunately, even if you can't afford to invest in paid advertisements and other pricey marketing tactics, you can always rely on social media marketing. These tips for social media marketing for nonprofits should help you do just that.

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Struggling with having to prove the value of content marketing?


Why now is the time to get started with measuring the impact of your content on lead generation

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What Differentiates Digital, Inbound and Content Marketing?

Digital marketing is an interchangeable term that encompasses any marketing activity that involves the Internet.  Inbound marketing is not really different from digital marketing. It is more of a philosophical approach to your communication strategy. Focusing on establishing industry expertise, building brand awareness, increase SEO, and to promote content discussion from your prospective clients. Content marketing has been crowned the king of marketing activities for 2016. It is important for your business to create customer value content that also drives direct, revenue-producing activities. 

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Why Hospitals Should Consider InBound Marketing - A Wake Up Call

What is a  hospital's relationships with their community really based on? Do they openly embrace direct communication, or hesitate to engage directly via social media and content marketing? Are hospitals willing to jump right in to the communities where patients and physicians are spending time, such as Blogs,  Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?

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MD Guided Content Marketing Disrupting Pharma for Good

So what is MD Guided Content Marketing and how can it help you and your brand?

MD Guided Inbound Marketing takes place when health experts and MDs engage with patients, fans and brands to promote positive behavior change. The goal in expert guided inbound marketing is to expertize and elevate the integrity of your campaigns for maximum impact. 

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NonProfit December Fundraising Benchmarks & Best Practices

5 Fundraising Benchmarks Every Non-Profit Should Know to Double December Donations

November and December are the most important fundraising months of the year for nonprofits. The giving season is just around the corner!   Now is the best time to optimize your online giving platform to maximize your year-end donations this year.

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Why Publishing Incorrectly Is Making Your Content Marketing Fail

One of the most successful ways to bring in new sponsors, drive public interest and bring in clients through digital marketing is content creation. Creating relevant posts, graphics and articles to share with your followers is one of the best ways to ensure your organization finds success in its space. However, there is such a thing as too much publishing when it comes to digital marketing. Here are some instances in which you are publishing too much and it could actually be damaging your business.

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How to Prompt Engaging Infographic Ideas

Blogs posts and videos are great mediums to use to engage with your audience and extend your social reach, but they are not the only way to bring in new followers. Infographics, for instance, are a great way to pull in attention to your business. While great articles prompt shares and likes, engaging infographic ideas can get reposted to various sites. If you can get your brand’s name to go with the infographic, it will go across social media and bring in a lot of traffic for your organization. So how do you make an infographic that will bring more reach to your company? Here are some ways to prompt infographic ideas.

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5 Ways InBound Medical Device Marketing Increases Leads & Sales

Coming up with a coherent digital marketing strategy for your medical device lines can be difficult because of all the variables and decision makers involved, but one take that must be considered above all others is inbound marketing.   

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PARTNER & FLOURISH: How PR FIRMS Can Transform into Powerhouse InBound Agencies of Record

Once dedicated to media relations and crisis communication, PR agencies have adapted and re-adapted to the changing times. However as marketing automation and mobile usage surges, PR firms lack the technological resources to compete with their inbound tech savvy competitors.

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