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Should Your Business Outsource Its Content Marketing?


Digital content marketing is a critical and less expensive way to spread information about your business. This type of marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing methods, generates almost three times as many leads and 90 percent of consumers prefer it to traditional advertising. Content marketing produces cost-effective leads, as it relies on your organization speaking to existing audience members and engaging new ones. Not everyone has time to create an optimum content marketing strategy, however, nor do they have the budget to hire a full-time content marketing staff member. If your company is struggling to produce an effective strategy, it may be time to consider outsourcing the responsibility to a content marketing agency.

How do I know when to outsource?

Outsource your organization’s digital content marketing if you find yourself unable to take time to regularly create content or you do not know what kind of content will bring in new customers. Also consider outsourcing if you don’t know where to look for marketing optimization resources, you can’t stay up-to-date on marketing trends or if you don’t have the budget to hire a full-time staff member to concentrate on content marketing.

Why outsource?

There are many steps and processes that go into great content marketing. You must have the time to brainstorm topic ideas, write the post and publish it online while aligning with your company’s SEO strategy. Your content marketing should bring in more leads at a lower cost for your organization. Your content marketer should be able to engage your current customers and turn audience members into sponsors, fans or paying customers, all while keeping the voice consistent with your strategy. Content marketing agencies, such as Tapp Networks, specialize in digital content marketing for businesses and can be hired without breaking the budget.

It doesn’t end with writing

Many platforms exist that deliver content to your audience and which works best depends on your company. Some organizations generate more leads with text-heavy blogs, while others draw in customers with inspiring videos and pictures. If you are unsure which platforms work best for your organization, or how to optimize and post your work, you need to learn or hire someone who can for you. It does not help your marketing efforts to post content and forget about it; you need a micro-content strategy that will help you know which social media platforms you should post parts of your work on. All of these components are necessary to ensure an effective content marketing strategy, and a content marketing agency is already equipped to take these steps with you.

How much does it cost?

The steps mentioned above take a huge amount of time and effort to do effectively. Your time is critical and spending it on something you are not an expert in may do more harm than good in the long run. Focus on what you do best so you can better manage your business and keep promoting your mission. Though outsourcing your content marketing may seem like an extravagance your company can’t afford, agencies like Tapp Networks often cost less than a full-time employee and already have the expertise needed to bolster your content marketing success.

Kyle Barkins

Written by Kyle Barkins

Kyle Barkins co-founded Tapp Network with more than 10 years in marketing and application development, and calls on his experience to enhance the usability of web and mobile applications for high-conversions for our clients.

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