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Tickets are on sale now for this months Tapp Social, Don't miss out! 

It's that time of the month again! You know the drill, come on down and visit us at the Mill for an afternoon of learning, growth, food, and fun! There will be an amazing presentation from our very dear friend and partner Peggy Geisler of PMG Consulting to start things off followed by an hour or so of networking and socializing, made complete with food and beverages to make your tummy smile.

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Free Happy Hour & Marketing Event

NTENTech Impact, and Tapp Network Present:

October NTEN Happy Hour: Why Can't Our Nonprofit Marketing Platforms All Get Along?

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Inbound Marketing for Construction Companies

If your construction company is still advertising in the phone book then you should read this.  

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Does Your Nonprofit Need a CRM?

As an organization grows, sometimes using excel spreadsheets to keep track of donors, volunteers, and other contacts is not enough, and more powerful and complex tools for managing contacts become both necessary and convenient. These types of tools, called Constituent (or Customer) Relationship Management Software or CRMs for short, are web or desktop based tools that allow an organization to fully integrate and manage its list of members, volunteers, donors and mailing lists. 

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Have Your B2B Sell Like Amazon: 7 Automated, & Personalized Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing automation can help you nurture leads, increase your conversions, and grow your revenues… without spending more on advertising.

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6 Steps To: Develop Buyer Personas for Your SaaS Company

As I’m sure you’ve heard before, buyer personas play a key role in the development of successful inbound marketing and inbound sales programs. Truly understanding who your target buyer is, both at a personal and professional level, is a foundation of aligning sales and marketing efforts. 

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10 Growth Hacking Formulas To Get Your Content Read

In this post, I’m going to share with you the 10 most powerful headlines formulas that when you apply each one correctly into your next blog post or any copy – either offline or online – your audience response rate will no doubt double or even triple.


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Implementing a Social Media Marketing Campaign for NonProfits

Most businesses have become more social over the last few years with so many social media platforms to choose from. This includes non-profit organizations. One of the benefits of using social media is that it allows you to market yourself without tapping into your advertising budget. Because social media marketing for nonprofits is an opportunity to tell your story, we'd like to provide you with some tips on how to do just that.

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Tell Your Nonprofit's Story Through Social Media Marketing

Social media, provides a great resource to engage with your supporters, to tell your story and show your community what you’re all about. Social media, when used right, gets results. So, how can your nonprofit benefit from a great social media marketing for nonprofits campaign? We’ll explain. 

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5 Tips for Better Facebook Live Broadcasts

Facebook Live allows you to target your personal network, the fans of a business page (if you’re an admin), a group, or an event. If you can’t find a group or event to meet your needs, consider starting one.

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