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Tips on how to quickly improve your nonprofits website

Who doesn't want to drive donations and advocates for their mission simply with an amazing website? If you're thinking "Wait, everyone should reap those benefits" you'd be correct. They should! And here's how they can:

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Tapp Nonprofit Social Summit 2017 - Press Release


The Nonprofit Social Summit 2017 is coming to Wilmington, Delaware! — To empower nonprofits with the latest advancements in digital marketing & technology.

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Wordpress Plugins Every Nonprofit Should Use

Every nonprofit—no matter its size or budget—deserves a high-quality website that helps them achieve their mission and make the world a better place. WordPress offers a number of plugins that allow visitors to easily donate, in addition to plugins that encourage donations, you'll find some that allow visitors to connect through social media, sign up for email lists and access an event calendar, all while allowing you to track users. Many common nonprofit tools will integrate with WordPress right out of the box. Below we will provide recommendations for plugins in all the major categories that you’ll likely need when building your nonprofit's website.

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Optimizing Your Nonprofit Website for More Donations

If you run a website for a nonprofit organization, it is becoming increasingly important that you optimize your site for a number of reasons. Given that so many users prefer smartphones and tablets over traditional computers, mobile optimization is essential to engaging these users in your site. Additionally, chances are good that, as a nonprofit, your organization relies on your site to encourage donations. To that end, you want to optimize in a way that encourages donations.

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Creating Donor Personas for Nonprofits


Your nonprofit may have hundreds, if not thousands of donors. Having a one-size-fits-all to your marketing and communications efforts is costing your nonprofit opportunities to guide your one-time donors in to recurring donors, your recurring donors in to large donors, and your large donors in to your biggest supporters. Creating donor personas for your nonprofits allows you to tailor content, messaging, and your impact to different groups of people. Below we will outline the questions you should be asking yourself and your stakeholders along with a template to define your target donor personas. 

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Online Fundraising Ideas For Nonprofits


Online fundraising is one of the most popular ways for nonprofits to raise money. According to the M+R Benchmarks study, online giving grew 13% from 2014 to 2015, and monthly online giving increased by 32%. Online fundraising is a technique expected to continue growing well into the future. Below are some ideas to increase awareness and drive fundraising for your nonprofit. 

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Why Your Nonprofit Needs Marketing Automation

Join us and our partner Tech Impact for a webinar, "Inbound Marketing Automation for Nonprofitstomorrow Tue, Nov 22, 2016 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Tech Impact is a leading provider of nonprofit technology services and solutions. Nonprofits can turn to Tech Impact to make sense of anything from large-scale technology projects, to technology maintenance and support. With more than a decade of experience working with a diverse group of nonprofits, they have the expertise and knowledge to deliver a wide range of services and support. 

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6 Practical Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

 Everyone says it's more efficient to simply outsource your digital marketing than keep an in-house team. They have all the pros and cons ready for both options, but here's why this article is not one of those articles. This one will be a little different.

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6 Nonprofits On Instagram Who Are Getting It Right

What if you could speak a thousand words about your nonprofit?

What would you say?

You’ve heard it before: a picture speaks a thousand words. So every time you share an image about your nonprofit, you’re essentially making a giant statement about it.

Social sites like Instagram are key for a nonprofit’s strategy, because every image conveys a message about you. It’s also another way to have the good you’re doing in the world seen, supported, and shared.

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8 Digital Marketing Strategies For Nonprofits to Reach Potential Donors

Working for a nonprofit is probably one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. Your efforts are making a positive impact in people’s life, and that helps keep you motivated on a daily basis. However, as marketers, this gratifying job can turn into a real struggle when it comes to reaching new donors. Let’s face it–reaching potential donors requires a well-planned process, patience, and motivation. We get it. In fact, as important as it is to tap out all your offline options, you could be making your life even more complicated if you are not taking advantage of the online environment to look for potential donors.

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